Not long to wait now! The much-anticipated FHM 100 Sexiest Women 2012 list will be announced on May 2nd. (I know I am waiting with bated breath for it!!)

But who is going to claim the Number 1 spot? Last year the World deemed Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley the sexiest woman on Earth. But can the English beauty retain her title? It’s not an easy feat. It seems that you are only as hot as your current media status. ‘Here Today-Gone Tomorrow’ you know!


Take Cheryl Cole for example. In 2010 Cheryl was lovingly dubbed ‘The Nations sweetheart’. She had the world at her fingertips. She was back as a judge on the UK X-Factor panel, she was working on her second solo album and she also appeared on Piers Morgans Life Stories (remember she went through a years’ worth of Kleenex in about 90minutes!) 2010 was the year that she battled malaria and there was the on-going saga with her reprobate husband Ashley Cole. A magazine or newspaper couldn’t be opened without her face peering back at you. (This was the year that I personally fell out of love with Cheryl. I became over-dosed with her and the ‘showmance’ with dancer Derek Hough made me want to puke!)

Anyway, in 2010 Cheryl dominated the press. She was voted FHMs World Sexiest Woman for the second year in a row. But then she fell out of the limelight somewhat. And if you fall from grace and out of favour with the public you can kiss goodbye to front page newspaper spreads (well the good kind anyway). Her move to conquer the US was an absolute embarrassment for her and she has since vanished from our radars. Out of sight out of Mind! We haven’t seen her in months and her career seems to be at a standstill. The few times she has made headlines in recent months she is slagging off Louis Walsh, trying to claim a hand in One Directions success or shutting down rumours of a fling with MC Harvey. Her lack of song-writing/tv/publicity saw her slip in the FHM list and she ranked at number 12 in 2011’s list. (From number 1 to number 12 in twelve months – She will be doing well to even manage a top 40 spot this year!)


So will the same fate befall last years FHM Sexiest Woman? 2011 was Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteleys year as not only was she privileged enough to wear the Victoria Secrets ‘Angels Wings’ on the catwalk, she also snagged herself the lead female role in Transformers, Dark of the Moon, replacing FHM regular sexy gal Megan Fox. She also landed herself the cover of British Vogue (you know you have made it when you grace the cover of that fashion Bible!) Rosie has been on the model circuit since 2006 and has had a few amazing years career-wise but really hit the big-time in 2011.

2012 has not featured Rosie very much at all. In fact I struggle to recall the last time I read anything about her (but a quick internet search just revealed that the 24 year old will be gracing the cover of Vogue Brazils April edition)


But in order to top this FHM poll and indeed in order to remain somewhere within the top 20 names – it’s imperative that you are seen to be out working and in the public eye therefore remaining a household name.  You’re only as hot as you’re last song/movie/modeling contract. You need to be seen at the top of your game. That’s why women like Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, Frankie Sandford, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Abbrosio, Katy Perry, Abbey Clancy, and Angelina Jolie manage to retain their spots in the top 100 list.

Twilights Kristen Stewart is an unlikely lady to stand alongside such names in a ‘World Sexiest’ list but she placed at number 13 last year. Another fine example of my belief that if you are a household name at the time of polling, then you will feature well (thanks to the ‘Twilight’ movies in Kristens case – not a conventional beauty yet she still beat Kim K , Mila Kunis and Beyonce!)


Irish beauties to feature in the 2011 list were:- Nadine Coyle at number 46 and Una Healy at number 41. So which Irish ladies will make the grade this year?    

This leads me to our very own Georgia Salpa. Yep she is one to watch. She’s going to feature quite highly too! She has been on the Irish modeling circuit for years but last year hit the big-time when she entered the Celebrity Big Brother house in the UK. Her stint on the Channel 5 reality show means that her name is well-known in Britain and will do no harm in helping her to land a much-deserved spot in the list. (Her American sister Kim Kardashian reached the number 15 spot last year so I’m thinking our Georgia should do pretty well).


Another one to watch due to the phenomenal success of ‘The Hunger Games’ is Jennifer Lawrence. Failing to feature in last years list, Jennifer will definitely be coming in in the top 50, I bet my Louboutins on it.

2011 Top Four                                                                                   2010 Top Four

# 1 – Rosie Hungtingdon-Whiteley                                                     # 1 – Cheryl Cole

#2 – Katy Perry                                                                                   # 2 – Megan Fox

# 3 – Rihanna                                                                                     # 3 – Marissa Miller

# 4 – Megan Fox                                                                                # 4 – Frankie Sandford


Oh and you know who might be a surprise new entry??? Samantha BrickSamantha Who!? The Daily Mail writer hit headlines in the last few days when she declared ‘Why do women hate me for being beautiful?’

She has dominated Twitter since her article where she claims that her life has been filled with flowers, paid train fares and bottles of free champagne all because of her stunning looks. When asked what she does in order to get these gifts, Samantha says that “the donors of these gifts have always said the same thing: my pleasing appearance and pretty smile made their day.” Darling Samantha may be shocked when she doesn’t feature in FHM’s list…



 We only have to wait another few weeks to see which sexy lady reaches the top spot…


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